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Homemade by Annie

Christmas Gift Box Food Lover

Christmas Gift Box Food Lover

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This Gift Box will be Enjoyed Over Christmas!  

Mint Jelly:  Never goes out of style.  This recipe brings back memories to Grandmas cooking!  My method allows the Mint to Marinate and is fresh from my Garden.  Add to Roast Meats, Vegetables or Peas.  #anniesmintjelly

180gm  Jar Available.  Best Before date is 9 months.

Contains:  Sulphites 

Ingredients: Water, Brown Sugar, Fresh Mint, White Sugar, White Vinegar & Gelatine.

Zucchini Relish: Its a lovely addition to everything..Cheese Toasties, Cheese Platter, Rib Eye Steak and fried mushrooms.  My favorite is to spread over cold pickled Silverside or leftover Christmas Ham.    #annieszucchinirelish                                                                                                           

Ingredients:  Zucchinis, Onions, White Sugar, Brown Vinegar, Gluten-Free Plain Flour, Curry Powder & Turmeric. Best Before Date is 12 months  

Beetroot Relish: Spread the Beetroot Relish over Burger Buns for Burger Night or Add to Cheese Platter.  #anniesbeetrootrelish  

Ingredients:  Beetroot, White Sugar, White Vinegar, Apples & Ginger.  Best Before Date is 12 months.






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